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Geographic vs Philosophical Americans

All people born within the United States are called Americans. That is to say unless they come here illegally and drop a kid out in the last few moments of pregnancy. To believe it is in the constitution that an individual from another country can pop over our border illegally and drop a rug rat on our soil and have that curtain climber automatically become a United States citizen is to believe the liberal bastardization of the Citizen Clause of the Constitution. Liberals always bastardize things to make their arguments seem rational.

Regardless, lets just say if you're born in this country by citizens of this country you are a citizen...or an American.

A geographic American is someone born in the geographic bounds of the United Sates. We are all geographic Americas.

The American philosophy of America is an ideal. An ideal that all men are created equal, we have God given rights and liberties, the government should be non-intrusive, the right to private property etc.etc. We all used to know what the ideal was. It was taught to us in school but mostly not taught these days.

Some Americans believe in the ideal or philosophy of America...we called it...the American way. Some Americans don't.

Americans who are Americans by virtue of being born in the geographic area of America but don't believe in the philosophy of America are just Geographic Americans.

Philosophical Americans are people born in the geographic area defining America buy believe in "The American Way". I would also submit that not all philosophical Americans have to be born in America. They can exist anywhere in the world simply by virtue of believing in "The American Way". They believe in the fundamental precepts that America is based on. They aren't citizens of America but in their hearts they are Americans.

Liberals are Geographic Americans. They were born here but don't believe in the precepts of America. I just hope that those geographic Americans that promised to leave America if trump won will live up to their word and leave. The place would be a lot better.