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Politics and trading

I had a discussion about politics with one of my nephews years ago. He said he did not like politics...I said only the mentally ill do. He said he was just going to ignore it all. I said...that's what all but the mentally ill would love to do, unfortunately you can't because politics effects just about every aspect of your life and even more unfortunately it effects more of your life than it should.

So I say to those who don't like political talk in here...tuff titty mo smitty. Not only does politics effect your personal life it effects your trading.

Regulations on business effects stock prices and commodity prices. Ocrapper just banned a bunch of oil drilling areas. He sucked 1.5 million acres into the parks program in Utah so that they could not drill for oil there. He has banned oil drilling off the coasts and who knows where all else. This directly effects the supply of oil to the market which in turn has to have some effect on the price movement of crude.

He has all but killed the coal industry. Clinton before him did the same. Helliary proposed finishing the job. Here's a little ditty titty. There's over a 700 year supply of clean coal stuck in the ground in the United States alone. 700 years!

Ethanol program effects the supply of corn. Paying farmers not to grow crops effects supply. Subsidizing farmers for grain effects the price.

Money policy effects currencies and interest rates.

Climate change hokum effects commodity prices.

Unfortunately, the list goes on and on and on and when liberals gain control this list expands.

So to the weak minded anti-political talk, look at the pretty colors, people out there. I say...Blow me.

There's always the prospect of not reading the political posts and minding your own damned business instead of trying to dictate your will on the rest of us and especially me.

F-off cupcake.

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