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Re: He's 'not right mentally'
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Rather, it is the upholding of the law. The actual drain on the State's welfare system is in the trillions of dollars. No, that is not an exaggeration. Moreover, a severe drain on the Treasury.

When someone starts spouting nonsense of illegal aliens (that IS the codified term, not "illegal migrants" or "undocumented migrants") of them paying taxes ... One needs to examine the actual Treasury stats.

There is a special provision within IRC, whereby illegal aliens are given a special ITIN. When filing federal taxes, said provision allows them to claim the child care tax credit without furnishing a social security number for the child or having to produce any form of proof that there is a child. Moreover, said claimed child/children may be located anywhere in the world. For example, Pepe who paid NO federal income tax, lists Lupe that lives in Guatelejara, Jose in Mexico City and .. catch this .. the AVERAGE number of children claimed, per return is eight ... EIGHT!

This results in over seven billion dollars, per year ... of "refunds" to illegal alien filers that paid NO federal income tax.

Most states do not require proof of citizenship for making application for welfare benefits. Point of fact, most forms for application are offered in Spanish.

It is estimated, conservatively estimated, that the cost to the local, state, and federal government has been a net loss of over one trillion (yes, that's trillion with a "T") for the past fifteen years. That is a NET loss above and beyond the amount that they pay into the social security system. When costs, borne by the taxpayer, applied to the penal system for illegal aliens.. that trillion takes less than seven years to amass.

Lose a few consumers .. Save TRILLIONS.

But, but, but ... that's not nice ... Typical left wing nut.