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Re: Vilest of creatures /LUB

It's different for me. I don't agree due to personal experience.

There is a 'parting of the Red Sea' between middle eastern/African followers and the more moderate ones in SE Asia - (Pakistan is not SE Asian)

I went to school with them, yes..Catholic school in Singapore, and they got along fine with the rest of us Catholics, Christians, Taoists, etc etc.

Yes, Catholic De La Salle Brothers took them in and they were given a great education. Singapore itself..the only good thing about that little island for me

is the way the govt handled a multi racial, multi religious, multi cultural populace, and made it work.

I've attended their weddings and funerals. No problems at all, no lectures, no trying to convert me over.

Now, I can't speak much good things about the other region of people, doesn't matter if they're Muslim or not.

It's that culture or lack thereof, that heat that fries their brains, and low level education under Sharia Law that keeps them 'stupid' and living in the past.

I mean.. really, if Jews/Christians wanted to still practice the old Law Of Moses and disregard the law of the nation, they could... but it would lead to chaos.

That to me is the difference. Modern day Muslims NEED modern day leaders of Islam who will submit their followers to a nation's law, whichever nation they

live in.

Not so long ago, after the British got their ass handed to them by the Japanese and left us all to fend for ourselves, when SG decided to break away from

Malaysia, the SG govt gave the local Muslims a choice. Forget Sharia Law or submit it under the laws of the Republic of Singapore..or leave!! Go to

Malaysia! That's the way it should BE!!

But, as always.. there are those with agendas in this world who utilize others for their own gain, be it religion or otherwise.

I didn't invent that game.