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Hold yer Danglers...I'm going to defend a liberal *LINK*

Bob Beckel...the biggest blow hard, lying, idiot, deafeningly idiotic fools on TV. I can't stand the bozo. He's the leftest counterpart to the libertarians, and conservatives on a Fox news channel, "The Five".

Did I say I can't stand the guy? I can't stand the guy. Anyway...Fox has fired him because some black computer tech cam to Beckels office to work on Beckely's computer. The technician says Beckel got up...stormed out of his office...telling the technician "I'm leaving because you're black."

There's been a rash of fake raciest threats across the country. Some, usually but not always, black soul will claim some raciest whitey had put up some piece of racist stuff up somewhere. After investigation, a large number of times, it was proven that the person screaming the loudest was the one that actually placed the raciest stuff there.

To me, this sounds like that. I mean, seriously, Beckel is a fool but who the hell would ever say something like that? Who would care about what color a tech person is so long as they can fix the damned computer? When I want my computer fixed, I don't care if it's a martian mixed with a pile of pig poop comes to fix my computer...fix the damnable thing!

I don't even believe someone of Beckel's low standards would be raciest...like that. Everybody has prejudices...some people don't like short people...some people don't like tall people...some people don't like fat people...and there are people who don't like other people because of the color of their skin. yes, it's true, both black and white and Asian and Mexicans...don't like people of other colors or us whitey's cause we got no color. At least you people of color got a damned color...we're white. There aren't but very few people who are...what I call...white. The rest are...pale. No color...just pale. At least y'all are black, brown, red...whatever. And y'all ##### about it like it's a derogatory thing. How'd you like to be called, pale. Only a few people, like Clint Eastwood, can pull that off and make it cool by doing movies about some damned Pale Rider. Hell, if you think about it...it's the Indians who started all this chit...I mean...we come over...sailed a long way in pieces of crap little boats. Just coming for a visit...say howdy. Yo, Paleface, what up. Yea...yea...well...well...you're red...and there you go. All down hill from there.

Where was I going...oh yea...Beckel. I don't believe even someone like Beckel is that raciest and he may not even be that stupid.

Sounds fishy to me. But maybe not.

I'm guessing the tech was a guy, otherwise we'd be hearing that is was some kind of sexual harassment charge. Maybe this dude wanted in on the extortion money.

Who knows...but I'm defending Beckel on this one. This he/said she said allegation crap getting someone fired has got to stop. On this one, and the sex allegations by the Fox women, you're going to need a tape.

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Hold yer Danglers...I'm going to defend a liberal *LINK*
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