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Re: free speech march in Boston...mistake...

Thanks Doc, I appreciate that.

I tend to talk when I get agitated and this recent pile of crap is agitating me right down to the bone. I kinda hate to flood the page here with political talk but I think we need to be getting ready for something big and someone needs to be sounding the alarm. I know there's not many people in here and I've probably run my share off but if one person tells ten and ten tell ten more then maybe it is worth it.

This "uprising"...this insurgency...has not just popped up. It's like Ocrapper care. People think that when the democraps got the house, senate, and president they got busy and put together this OcrapperCare bill. NO. They had that thing put together just waiting for the opportune time to dump it on us. When they got the power...plop. It was in the wings...just waiting...waiting...plop.

This chit that's going on now is the same way. A device to pull out when all is lost. The final solution....the last grasp to "remake" America. They would have preferred to have done all of this legally but they see the writing on the wall. The democrap party, ruled by the leftest, is finished. President Trump getting elected was the first shot across the bow. Now after months and months of lying about Russia and now lying about Charolettsville and the like...with democrap coffers in the dumps and republican coffers busting at the seams...plop...with polls showing they have not dampened but increased support for trump...plop. Here, try a little insurgence and a take over of the country by force.

They had this all planned out waiting just in case the American people woke up. There's the old communist saw...throw a frog in a pot of boiling water and the frog will jump out...put it in a pan of water and slowly turn the heat up and he will get used to the heat and just stay there and boil to death. That was their tactic, but the American people woke up.

I think the people are seeing the light. I don't want to see blood in the streets but my fear is if they push it up enough the American people will not just have been awakened but pissed off. Then, well, there will be blood in the streets and true Constitution loving Americans of all backgrounds will put this chit down and put it down hard.

We do not lose and the time for playing with these losers is just about over. Go for that Constitution...chump change!