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DOW 7... *PIC*

Two eye's on football game and one eye on the charts...I was looking at the DOW. Noticed last time price was at 900(9-1-82) up until Sept-17(now) is 420 months.
The next big Gann number in price is 22500(22.5) half way between 15 and 30 and 50% of the mighty 45. This according to Gann. From 900 to 22500 is 21600.

Just to find out what the trend line is running up at...21600 divided by 420 equals 51.42857142857. Wait, I know that number. Any number with a fraction of .142857(or some variation thereof) is something divided by seven. 360 divided by 7= 51.42857142857. That's a trendline with a ratio of 7. 1/7th of the circle.

So I put a line on...this is what it looks like.


Anyway...something I found interesting about the number 7 after having studied it in the past. Well, I say studied it...maybe more like piddled with it. The repeating fraction of seven interested me. 1/7 = .142857142857142857. Or some variation referenced above...sometimes the repeating fraction will start at a different point in the repeating fraction of 7. Maybe like 360/7=51.42857 but it then resolves itself out to 142857142857...51.42857142857.

So...look at the fraction .142857. 14 is 2*7...the 28 is 4*7...the 57...well 8*7=56 not 57. So, something to do with the 1. I originally thought the 1 was like...add one to start the cycle over again at 14. Ehh...too vague. So this...14+28+57=99. Next number 100. the cycle starts over at 100.

To understand that you sorta need to look at the number line a little differently. 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and then 10. While you can have 10 of something...in the realm of weirdness maybe look at it like this...10 is simply the first time 0 repeats itself. 20...second time zero repeats itself. 11...first time 1 repeats. 51...fifth time 1 repeats. 100...is the tenth time zero repeats itself. 101...the tenth time 1 repeats itself. 120...first time 20 repeats itself or twelfth time 0 repeats itself.....and so on.

So...14+28+57=99 and then it repeats itself 142857.

In addition...1+4+2+8+5+7=27 the cube of 3.

Does this mean anything? I have no freaking clue, I just thought it was interesting.

But the chart is interesting.