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Never could stand peeps who spaz like Cramer. I like a cool, calm, deliberative, ordered debate or expression of thoughts. Peeps that fly off in an excited, bat chit manner always made me think they were trying to cover for ignorance or worse. Therefore, I couldn't stand more than one or two of Cramer's shows. That doesn't necessarily make him right or wrong or more right than wrong or more wrong than right than anyone else out there spewing forth. I just don't like his delivery. Calm down, son.

That's just me.

Here's a link to a story about the geopolitical play being wrought on the world of oil that bodes for lower oil. Sounds reasonable to me but who knows. Trump opening up more area for drilling etc can't help but increase the supply. Increased supply...price goes down. In addition there's the technology factor that increases supply.
"♦Squeeze #1. Trump and Mnuchin just sanctioned Venezuela and cut off their access to expanded state owned oil revenue. Venezuela now needs more money. China and Russia are already leveraged to the gills in Venezuela and hold 49% of Citgo as collateral for loans outstanding. Now China and Russia will need to loan more, directly.

♦Squeeze #2. China’s geopolitical ally, Russia, is already squeezed with losses in energy revenue because of President Trump’s approach toward oil, LNG and coal. Trump, through allies including Saudi Arabia, EU, France (North Africa energy), and domestic production has driven down energy prices. Meanwhile Russia is bleeding out financially in Syria. Iran is the financial reserve, but they too are energy price dependent."

I wouldn't expect much movement up unless something comes apart such as having to put down a line of nukes in North Korea.

I said some years back the oil would settle out in a range somewhere between 45 and 60 bucks because judging from what a dollar buys these days...that's about what the value of a barrel of oil is. At the same time, I wouldn't be surprised if it did drift down to between 30 and 45 dollars a barrel...over time.

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