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Re: New tax plan does nothing for retirees

Why, yes! That would be excellent! But, not really what I had in mind. I want to feel special and have my own special .gov agencies doing things for me.

I was looking for some angles in my favor to compensate for not getting anything ever except for the $500 tax credit or deduction everybody got during GWB's reign of terror. I have paid in and they are not giving me any advantage. The rich get good bennies. The poor get good bennies. I get f'in nothing. And i'm pizzed.

Is that too much to demand of these porkers?

All seniors should be able to get a .gov loan with very low interest rate (like the banks get) from FHA directly (without intermediaries skimming) to buy a small condo near the beach. Just one measly item. i think 1.0% is about right as an APR.

During cash-for-clunkers, I already was already smart enough to have a fuel efficient auto and could not cash in on that. So, what are they going to do for ME to make up for it???

I vote to sweep EVERYBODY into Social Security and confiscate their extra-large public pensions to pay for all of this stuff I'm proposing. And, I want VA bennies, too! I want the same medical plan that my Congresspersons get and at the same cost. What's with my paying full price while everyone else gets a huge discount?

And, .gov needs to enforce the do-not-call list and arrest these idiots who call me with a computer trying to sell me car warranties and the like. Where is Jeff Sessions? Out chasing pot smokers. Idiot.

As i always say....If you're not dissatisfied, you're part of the problem!