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Nose operation/recovery time...R..et al

R...I was looking for something I posted a while back...ran across the question you asked me about nose operation recovery time. I said recovery time would be...days. Well, you are able to be up and about in days...BUT...

You know...I had the nose operation Feb 27. Been in recovery mode since. Some of the side effects of having a fungus eating your skull out from the inside and nearly chomping on your brain...lack of energy...causing lack of drive to do anything...severe ringing in the ears...headache kinda thing around the perimeter of your brain. All of these things, as it turns out, don't just go away when they cut the fungus out of your face.

Slowly, over four months these things have diminished. It took who knows how many years to put me in the hospital and finally on the operating table. As the effects of having that thing eat my head slowly diminish and I notice I recover some aspect of my life, I look back over time and realize...wow...it was doing that to me. Like...my energy level is coming back. I am walking again...not at the level I was two years ago...but it's getting easier. I hit a big energy level increase two weeks ago. I am finally back out in the garage turning some wood. Up until a few weeks ago...just had no desire to do that or much of anything else.

Y'all may or may not remember me biitching about having zero interest in trading...I couldn't concentrate on it or much of anything else for very long at a time. That was something else the face fungus did to me. I would watch a chart move for 5 minutes and either fall asleep(something else it did to me) or just loose interest and move on to reading the news until I fell asleep for 15 or 20 minutes. When I say feel asleep...it was wholly involuntary and when it hit there was no stopping it...Bam...asleep.

Last few weeks I've been able to stay awake all day. I can concentrate again. I have enough energy to get bored!

I feel like I'm at about 90 percent. Who knows...that thing working on me for many years...may have been effecting me for a longer period of time than I know...maybe my energy level will eventually get back to where it was as many as five or so years ago.

Maybe life will resume. Look out!

I am amazed at how long recovery has taken/is taking...and how much damage that fungus did.