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cop shoots man in own apartment... *LINK*

Many many years ago...back when they first started letting women be beat cops...there was a robbery in progress out here. The popo surrounded the building...tensions high I am sure...after a little while the owner of the establishment made a break for it...came running out of the building probably thinking himself pretty damned slick and thinking he would have a story to tell to the wife and kiddies tonight...bam...cop shot him dead...woman cop.

You hear of this fairly often if you listen. Not that the men cops don't do stupid as well but I have to wonder if female cops, realizing they are at a physical disadvantage to all but the weakest of men, don't tend to go for the gun quicker than the male cop might. Don't know that this is the case, I just wonder about it. There will never be a study on it because the study might not fit the narrative of super woman.

This story has that same flavor...female cop shots innocent person in his own apartment thinking she was in her own apartment and he was an intruder. This story goes more to the, just how stupid do you have to be to go to the wrong apartment, than female cop goes to gun sooner than a male might have...although...

Seriously, have you ever gone to the wrong apartment thinking you are at your own place. I haven't...not even in a "barely can stand" drunken stupor. Does someone with that low of an intelligence level, or someone who can't pay any more attention than to go to the wrong appt, really need to be a cop? They try to use the defense...the apartments look the same...yea...no chit...they all look the same except for one major thing...the little number on the door. You know...the apartment number. And...just in case there is anyone out there that hasn't figured this out...if the apartment number starts with a one(1) it means it's on the first floor...a two(2), second floor, three(3), third floor. and on and on.

One of the lefts most crazy hypocrisies ever...they want gun control saying only the cops should have guns...yet they go around bashing cops...telling us how bad they are.