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I had a discussion with a stranger the other day..

You know...I've found out people will tell you just about anything if you just stop and listen to them. People will also throw off signals in the form of "code words" depending on their political leanings. Most people like to complain. If you listen for their bug-a-boo's and play off those you can really get em to run off at the mouth. Sometimes, I can learn their entire life history with a few grunts and doing the bobble head nod.

I set a doctor off the other day when he mentioned that they had become nothing more than data gatherers. I said...oh, I hear ya. I'm sitting here seeing that that's all you're doing. Then he said...I don't know why, they don't do anything with the data. Ah ha...opening...I said two little words that set him off...I just said..."not yet". Booom...off he went. Which was cool by me...I now know I have a doctor who is a conservative. I like that.

Don't get me wrong. I didn't give a chit what the political leanings of that Skull Base surgeon was that cut the fungus out of sphenoid earlier this year. Didn't care one little bit.

But...I say all this to tell a story about a conversation I had with a guy from out in the wild(what I call civilization) the other day. Don't remember what got it started...usually just saying "hi" will get something going.

This, that, the other thing and he's off on politics and he isn't happy. He finally said something that I found interesting...showed he was thinking or thinking about something he heard...which can be dangerous. He said...they keep pushing those ANTIFA jerks out into the streets trying to start a war. They are making a mistake in thinking if the chit hits the fan I'm going to be out in the streets going after the street urchins that have been pushed out in the street...I'm going after the ones who pushed them out there.

Usually it's rare someone comes up with an original thought. Usually, they are just repeating something someone else said that they happen to agree with. Not to berate dimms just for the sake of berating dimms but they are the worst at parroting. You can hear them parroting the lib media all the time.

So anyway, the thought this guy threw out there must be out among the upset peeps of the world. The instigators, the chiefs, the head of the sake...they are the ones on the parade list that might go out first should TSHTF.

Not an original thought at all, I guess, given the history of uprisings of the peasants over time.

Anyway...I thought it was an interesting conversation. The purveyors of enslavement might want to give that some consideration as they plod along with their stupidity...but they won't. History shows they never do until they hear that guillotine blade sliding down the rails.