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New weather technology out here...

The newest, latest and greatest technology of a live roaming truck loaded with weather gear and a camera goes zipping along the roads showing us what they're seeing. Low and behold...it's amazing. If it's not raining, snowing, sleeting, or in some other way...not precipitating some form of H2O...they show us a dry road.

Amazing things of amazing things...if it's raining, we see wet roadways. If it's snowing...well, you get the picture. Nothing they can't show us with the myriad of road camera's that are spread out across the territory by the hundreds.

And...and...it all looks very similar to what I can see when I look outside my window.

I know y'all think I'm a frickin genius and to further prove my intellectual powers...I can pretty much know that if I hear the pitter patter of rain on my rooftop...the roads are wet and not dry. Depending on how hard the pitter patter, I can further figure out about how much wet the roads are. You know...a little wet...a lotta wet...a chit load of wet with the possibility of puddles here and there. I can, by the miracle of driving from one place to the other, find the puddles as I go from one place to the other.

Gosh damn...I know that must freak y'all out that I'm smart enough to figure all that out.

Oh...here's another thing they do. They got this cute little girly in front of a map that depicts all the major roadways...you know, a road map. She's informing us that the traffic is heavy and going SLOW at, of all times of the day, rush hour!!! The traffic is moving slowly throughout town on all major thoroughfares and the lesser tributary roads as well.

Really? It's only been doing that every work day for the last...like...50 years! AND...how is this information pertinent to me and anyone else...sitting at home watching the news? I'm not out in it...I don't care. If you're out in it and it's not your first time being out in it...you know it sucks. If your at home waiting on someone coming from town to the "not in town" areas...you pretty much know when they will get there.

It's amazing.

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New weather technology out here...
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