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Change Back to .,,

We may be seeing a change back to American values.. will it happen is something only time will tell. I for one hope so, but hope is dimmed by the majority that still have no clue about what made America strong. Freedom to succeed or fail based on each of our personal efforts, not entitlements. The problem, as I see it, is the fact that those wanting entitlements, and are willing to watch the Country's values decline have an equal vote with those that work and pay taxes. Based on that alone and looking to where the majority of taxes come (nearly all), the top 20%, then the 80% of those that want a free ride on the backs of others have the majority of vote. This is why I find change back to our original values have little chance.

The reason I am making these comments is to those that understand that it is fundaments that drive the markets long term, and the policies of the Government have a STRONG impact on the supply/ demand picture of all commodities. Take just one, energy, prices had peeked, as I saw it, back in July 2008, at 145/147.00 a barrel. I posted my comments here, on this forum before the break to the 30’s. However the fundamentals were impacted by our Government’s policies, or should I say lack of. The additional restrains on our producers has limited growth in areas that we need to see development, including, but not limited to storage, and refineries. Just the other day President Obama said that “they” meaning Government, had not decided what to do about energy. For someone, like me, this says expansion is in trouble when the Government is making the decisions about how to expand any commodity.

I have now delivered what I think is important about the future of the commodities traded, speculated on by so many. Watch your technicals for money management, and watch the policies of our Government for changes that may impact the longer term trend (do not to be influenced by what they say, but what they do). Short term, and intermediate moves will be corrected by the long term fundamentals. So be sure which you are trading and don’t let media stories influence your trading.. Lastly you need to know HOW to trade before you speculate.. Knowing how to trade is something that does not come easy, and it can’t be learned from those profiting from your gullibility.

Good Luck to All

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Change Back to .,,