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Re: Change Back to .,, Senior Golfer


True: "We must have a change in our leadership."

The problem and what we need to recognize, "WE", meaning those of us that grew up taking care of ourselves, and our family while paying taxes are NOT the majority.

This Country was founded by those looking for opportunity, freedom of choice, and willing to work. Over the years it has been replaced by a majority of those that want to be paid entitlements from the hard work of those that earned it.

I could go through a long list of changes and why we, as a Country, have peeked out and in a downtrend. Once you had to own land to vote, and those that voted had a real stake in the direction of the Country. That changed, and at a point even women were given the right to vote. The right for women to vote was OK, but then they wanted to choose who they voted for, and it went downhill from their.

However, if a person does not pay taxes, lives off entitlements, or a criminal they should not be able to vote for a Government who's policies turn the direction of our Country. It is much like unions telling the management how to run the Company. Simple solution bring your tax filings to qualify for a vote. No tax filings of a number, say $5,000, then you can not vote. This would change the direction of the politicians running for office.. Their policies would reflect the majority of voters. Hard working people that pay taxes. But the politicians want to attract the vote of the majority they need to give more entitlement to those that donít work. Can you believe two years of unemployment? It is little wonder that unemployment is so high.. It is not because there is not work it is because there is no incentive to work, just go to the mailbox and get a cheque.. Or have it wired transferred to their bank. We donít want them to strain themselves.

No Coral it is much more than a new administration that is needed. What is needed is a change back to what made this Country the strongest in the World. Freedom, and that means freedom to fail. NO free rides on the backs of others, at least not our Tax dollars. There are plenty of organizations, including churches, that reach out a helping hand to those in need. It is not the job of our Government. The voter should have a personal stake in the growth of our Country, and its defense. The citizen that is born here, moved here, and is a citizen has the rights to live under our flag of Freedom, but not vote unless they are part of the Countries growth,. There is a difference. Once they are paying taxes or part of the military then they can vote.

The idea is that it is important to watch the actions of this or any administration in making an analysis of the longer term trend of any commodity.

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Re: Change Back to .,, Senior Golfer