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Re: question about order types:johnnyalpha
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Hi Johnny,

Coral's answer to your question is good. Another order that you can enter is stop/limit where the stop price activates your order and the "limit" part specifies the range of prices for which you are willing to sell/buy your contract.

I view this board as a way to help each other make money, please do not be angry with me when I say that your current method of trading ES is likely to fail. Based on your question, I gather that you are new to futures trading. Please consider these points:

1. 1 point of ES is $50, the commission is about $20, so when the market moves your way, you make $30 (before taxes).

2. What if the market does not move your way? Do you have an exit strategy? Do yo close your position when down 1 point? If yes, you are basically flipping a coin and the best you can do is to make/lose nothing.

3. Are you comfortable both going long and short ES? Many new traders only go long but this is like breathing with your right lung only.

4. If the market goes against you and you do not exit, do you hold your position overnight? If you do, what will you do when you wake up to find out that ES is down 20 point (1K)? This one move can wipe out tens of your small $30 gains.

5. ES is very quiet and "stable" these days but do not be fooled. Look at the charts, like in early November, when ES was making nearly 1K moves up and down every day. If you do not have a day job, you can afford watching your position but what about if you do have a job?

Again, please do not be angry with me, just trying to be helpful and speaking from experience as I did trade ES and will when the right signal occurs (according to my method).


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Re: question about order types:johnnyalpha