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Computer, Monitor On/Off/Trades

Hi Trades,

Since you mentioned the following in your test post at 7:36 pm:
"Only thing I do at night is click the Disk Cleanup and delete whatever is on that and restart the computer. Don't even turn it off at the comuter just the monitor. So I don't think I've screwed up anything. "

First: On screwing anything up .... Seriously doubt it.
Neither you nor Wayne deleted any cookies recently.

The problem is highly likely to be with the CGI scripts that run on the TFC server to process the posts. It is not a very robust language. Mike will get it cleared up.

More important are your other comments:
On Disk Cleanup, I rarely use it and withhold comment at the moment. Running it nightly, I think may be "overkill" and taking up your time. A quick check would be to look at how much disk space is freed up each time you run it. I expect that it is not much and doing it daily is wasting your time.

More important, is what follows:
The TWO BIGGEST KILLERS OF COMPUTERS AND ELECTRONICS is the "green crud" and "thermal stress/cycling". These result when power is turned "completely off" and the wire bonds in the integrated circuits expand and contract, eventually failing just like continually bending a piece of metal until it breaks. The "green crud" results from the pressure changes that occur on the IC's as they heat and cool. The packages "breathe" as they are not "hermetically sealed" and contaminants from the atmosphere work their way in.

Strongly suggest:
NEVER turning your computer or monitor completely off. Put them in "Standby" a very low power state that will prevent the chips from cooling down completely. When you put your computer in "Standby" your monitor should automatically go into "Standby" (amber led) rather than green. You should never have to "push a button" to put either in "Standby".

Now some more on "Memory leaks":
No firm answer on this, but all programs to not seem to "give up" all of the memory that they "grab" when the program is exited. It is therefore a good idea to about once a week, rather than entering "Standby" shut the computer down completely. BUTTTTT, do this and wait a bit, a minute will do, 15 seconds may be enough to let the hard drive(s) spin down. Then turn it back on (will have to push the button). Let it reboot. Can then continue working or put the machine in "Standby" and quit.

I know this last section is long, but if practice is followed I would almost "guarantee" you that you will never have a piece of electronics crap out on you.

If this was not clear at any point, holler.


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Computer, Monitor On/Off/Trades