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Re: Natural gas adds to gains...USC
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Hi Coral,

You said "Hal never takes a position or calls a market he just posts hundreds of post from other web sites, market analyst lol. I guess that makes him feel important?"

Well, that's quite a broad statement there, lol, but not a very accurate or truthful one.

I've been around these boards for well over a decade now, long enough to know that, at the end of the day, no one cares about what I specifically do in the market. So, understanding that, I certainly don't post anything to make myself feel important, lol. Obviously, posting information to a board as quiet as the F&T one is diametrically opposed to such a goal. My reason's for doing so really aren't very important anyway, but there is a purpose to it. Very few may understand or 'get it' but that's fine by me :)

Apart from that, sharing information with other traders and engaging in market dialogue here on TFC, and other sites, is what these forums were created for. Readers can pick and choose who/what they wish to follow, and leave the rest.

As for making 'calls', as has been discussed ad nauseum here and elsewhere over the years, it really has little value in teaching or guiding successful 'trading'. Of course it may have value from a marketing and promotional aspect, but that only applies to a select crowd. I do state what side of a market I am on from time to time and have done so here at TFC as well, but again I see little purpose in flaunting my account statements here on the net. I have nothing to sell and nothing to prove.

Anyone who trades/invests professionally understands the humbling nature of the marketplace...those who survive the learning curve and go on to make a career of it generally do not have an over-inflated ego. And the select few who do truly make it successfully long-term, appreciate that it can be a 'lonely' club to be sure...by definition, that is the nature of the biz. It has been and always shall be that way.

In any event, thanks for wishing me well. I wish you the best in all your market endeavours as well.

PS: Buy NG ;)

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Re: Natural gas adds to gains...USC