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Re: Hey Trades Whats Your Take On Lumber ?

I'm glad you said it rather than me. Didn't want to whine. But the U.S.Lumber industry is very protectionist and being they are Canada's major market we had to sign a Lumber agreement limiting exports to the U.S and jumping through many hoops. I know other U.S. builders liked Canadian lumber and said the same thing as you just did. Apparently 2X4s from the U.S. are made of a low quality pine or something. Even now the U.S.Lumber industry is suing the Canadian Lumber Industry for some sort of violation of the agreement. And each time the panel of people who makes these decisions of who are mainly U.S. authorities they tend to agree there was no violation. But then the U.S.Lumber industry finds another way to stop Canadian lumber or another state authority upholds the heavy multi million dollar fines against Canada regardless. That's what happens when you depend on one country for the bulk of your business. The theory applies to most everything. I used to do contract work for one builder and after awhile he accounted for more than 80% of my business. So then he knows I'm dependent upon him and gets cocky and wants better prices and demands more and more. So I stopped doing much of his work and once he realized I had other customers and wouldn't put up with anymore crap he stopped giving me a bad time and paid what I asked and treated me better. Same thing I guess. Just can't take the easy way. Hopefully China and other countries will balance out the exports so no one country has such control. Just isn't healthy in a free market to have one main customer. Canada has taken the easy way out by selling the majority of its manufactured goods to the U.S. and has to get off its lazy ass and find other customers for this balance. Just too easy dumping everything across the line.

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Re: Hey Trades Whats Your Take On Lumber ?