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Re: Money manager bets on oil rising near record

True, price movements are reflected in the charts, and a reason why traders should follow trends rather than comments. Charts can also predict what the comments are "likely" to be.. if prices are moving higher they will always seem to sound knowledgeable as to the "why" of the move. Especially when it is not likely anyone can prove otherwise.

It took me many years to clearly understand fundamentals because of reading all the sources that appeared in media stories. I felt that they were strongly qualified or the media would not interview them. Then I found the ones that truely have a grasp on fundamentals rarely waste time being interviewed.

Why? I always wondered why? When I learned the WHY it all started making sense.

My comments are based on many years of experience, and they are free even though the learning curb was expensive. Another interesting note is most people choose the media sources over facts.. not realizing the comments are made to agree with the current price move, and when the markets suddenly shift you will read how suprised everyone is, but it is wrong to say everyone. It would be more factual to say many were suprised.

As far as what the money managers are doing is about the same as the media. When prices move up they have long positions. If you ever find them short when the trend is up, well let me say it does not happen. Their "systems" follow charts not fundamentals. Trading large sums of money does not make them knowledgeable. Quiet the opposite in many cases.

Now on to the Super Bowl... my Son-Law was interviewed here in Dallas. I think it is funny enough to share, check it out..

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Re: Money manager bets on oil rising near record