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Re: Senior Golfer -Thank you for your commits

Coral thanks for the kind words. I think the VA Hospitals are doing the best they can with what they have to work with... the growh in patients seen has grown at an alarming rate while the support staff has remained unchanged.

First hand I know they must have a concern over HIV because my primary care doctor said he had to schedule me for a HIV test to be included in my next blook work up. I have been going there since 2003, and they have never ordered that test before.. Reading what they found in the St Louis VA Hospital makes sense why they are scheduling us for the test. (Precaution)

I think that people, if they pay attention, can see what national health care would be like by watching what happens at the VA.

Last Sat I was admitted because of chest pains (spams). They ran several tests, and wanted to schedule me for the Nuclear Stress Test, then the Caterization.. plus tests for the spams in my temple area. I talked the Doctor into letting me know home, and I would return for the tests as sceduled.. because I liked that better than laying around in the Hospital (impossible, with all the activity, to sleep). He released me Mon and sent an order to schedule me for the stress test "ASAP"... I recieved a call (a week later) that they scheduled me for the 17th.. that is their ASAP. LOL

Because I am not in the Hospital the person doing the scheduling just figures I am an out paient, and not realize they are concerned of a possible stroke.

Me? I feel the spams are a result of blood restriction that causes "spam". Same with the temple spam. Both are treatable, but really need to be treated soon before they lead to a heart attack, or stroke. To get the tests sooner I may have to go back and check into emergency suggested by the Doctor, based on the next spam.

Coral this all may seem like "Boo Hoo" story, but I am only mentioning it as first hand experience of what people can expect through "Obama Care". My wife's insurance was recently increased about 40%.

This is really not the topic of the forum, but I feel helpful information for those with interest in what National Health Care will be like.

Lastly, the VA is doing the best they can if what they have to work with..



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Re: Senior Golfer -Thank you for your commits