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Re: currently
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I don't care about al gore, any donations to him or some responce.

Everything is a cycle!
Weather has and is changing comstantly!
It most likely has be a lot colder and hotter MANY years ago! ;)

YES! We have been in a hotter climate situation lately.
That is FACTS! With NO doubts on it.
There has deffinately been GLOBAL warming! FACTS!
No doubt about it.

The AL Gore CRAP.

We will most likely get colder! And most likely have to deal with a possible ICE age over warming in the long future for maybe your grandsons, grandsons?

Time has shown and proven that weather and temps change with the cycles!

GORES crap always starts with the small ice age!
So of course. It has been getting warmer. By deffinition?
It has had to do that? So that is FACTS!

We can not controll the overall weather and temps. At least as of now, we can't?

But, of course any human would want to do what they can do to help out the future of the human race.

But, the GORE stuff is CRAP!
In my opinion!
Even though the global warming is true and FACTS as of the last many years overall!

I like FACTS!
But they can be stretched? And wrong conclussions can come from some minds? LOL! ;)

Basicly. Who gives a CRAP about a response?
I don't and gore may not?

Memory? I don't believe he could even win the state he was born in? Wonder how cold it is there now? ;)

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