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Re: Market Pick 2 / 14/all
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Some of those orders would have filled before they were cancelled. Many that have hit their prices don't seem to be doing very well since.

I'm not flaming here, but for me to be buying at market tops and selling at bottoms, I am going to be expecting to be "right the market" in that the position keeps on going that way enough for me to get a protective exit stop in place.

Any open position risk that remains after taking on such a trade as desribed is unacceptable in the light of the already huge risk one runs when buying at highs and selling at lows. Nothing but a breakout called correctly will do in my book.

I still await ANYONE to call a big move WITH DIRECTION correctly with correct timing on this board, nailing their colours to the mast hours before the move if possible, so you see there's nothing personal here.

Big moves with Correct timing = huge option profits so this indeed would be information worth having....

This coming friday sees a number of march option expiries, such as T bonds & beans so let's hear some opinion and chart predictions for where the underlying will be by this friday's close on those march option expiry markets, bearing in mind that large scale option writers will be trying to keep all such markets moving sideways for this final week to expiry.

Big money is made on trades when the brave happens to be right when the larger crowd is wrong big time.

DX DIDN'T break down last week, neither did the Bond markets, and it now looks like the breakout on beans was a false one after all.

I agree with other posters that another big move on Gold is coming, but with slight bias towards the upside after that action last week caught the bears napping. Weather it will need a trigger or not remains to be seen, but I don't think it will keep us all waiting for long.

My own futures positions as at present are short EURCHF (short 1 euro, long 1 SWF) entry 1.32 with a profit target of 1.30 (NOT to be confused with 1.30 on EURUSD)

Watching Crude, Gold, Coffee, S&P for the time being.
Bonds - breakout above 120 or below 117?
Beans - Breakdown below 1392 or above 1452?
Crude - Strong support at current levels.
S&P + Coffee What is keeping these markets up?
Gold - Breakout below 1308 or above 1432 - Bit of a gamble either way this one, so perhaps a good outright long option trade setup.

I'm expecting dollar strength to mainly hurt the euro before other currencies. Higher inflation in euros than in SWF should do the rest. A dollar collapse on the other hand will see a rallying euro's losses to me hopefully mitagated by my long SWF with its better fundementals.

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