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Re: Market Pick 2 / 14/all - Wayne

If you refer to previous regarding big moves but no direction given then that is about as good as saying that "A horse will win the 13:15 race"

Even "An outsider will win the 13:15 race" would have bags more use than Oracle of Delphi type predictions.

I critisise the chart's ability to tell all, so please don't make a personal issue out of my remarks. Accusing me of "arrogance" smacks of "me rich, you not with your ignorable one-lot trades winseer" which is kind of pot-calling-the-kettle-black over the very term "arrogance", so I'd best ignore such attempts to bait me like some playground bully.

Another way of putting this is that without critisising any person in particular, I for one would like to see some posts along the lines of

"The price action has got here, so I have DONE this"

rather than "If the price reaches a certain level, I may think about theoretically doing this trade"

Present and immediate future - not pie in the sky pricing levels that may well never be reached, and therefore involve a trader reading these boards to spend his or her entire life waiting for something to happen that either never comes, or comes whilst they are living some outside aspect of life, finding themselves away from the screen at the critical moment.

I've seen a lot of false breakouts this past year, and believe that trading markets these days has never been as dangerous as it is now.

I admit there have been many "here today gone tomorrow" posts in the flavour I have described, but I would really like to get something in that flavour from the REAL people on this board who have been on this board for years, and therefore demand respect. It should not be an issue of "Never ask the industry for a hot tip" because I'd like to think that not all of you ARE industry here.

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Re: Market Pick 2 / 14/all - Wayne