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Market Pick 2 / 16

Market Pick

The posted calls apply only to trading on the daily charts, However my trading methods work in all time frames, futures or the stock markets. I retired December 2005 but all calls in Market Pick are based on my trading methods from my chart analysis of the markets. The calls are in advance of the market moves. This will validate the calls. You can determine the calls by viewing the charts. Once the price is hit or the market price trades through the posted price you can watch the charts on these markets
The calls first date given is when to start watching for the market to move in the direction of the posted price. After that the dates when the Key numbers are hit or just above or below I am calling the market higher or lower. Numbers are reference points on the charts. I may cancel a call based on what I see on the chart.. Separated calls from the main body of calls are still valid until the number is hit.

The object of Market Pick is calling market direction, not trades. Buy = calling the market to go up, Sell = calling the market to go down, or canceled.

The calls are still based on my trading methods taught in the course and was traded with real money. These are my opinions of market direction . The methods are as valid today as they were when I retired. The continued numbers posted would be new entries adding to the position if I was still trading.

My market calls are my opinions and the average is around 75% right 25% wrong based on my trading methods.

Market Pick 2/16 Mini S&P 500, Mini Dow


2/15 May Corn buy 7216

2/11 May Wheat buy 9046 price hit
2/11,15 May Oats buy 4276 price hit, 4326 canceled
2/11,15 May Rice buy 16.630 canceled
2/08,09 May Bean Oil buy 60.17 price hit
2/07,08 May Wheat buy 9046 price hit
2/07,09 May Soybeans buy 14632 price hit
1/31 May Wheat buy 8786, 8916
1/31,2.01,02 May Bean Meal buy 3872 price hit, 3912 price hit
1/25 May Wheat buy 8652 price hit
1/25,27 May Rice buy 15.560 price hit
1/17,24 March Beans buy 14332 canceled


2/07,11 April L-Hogs buy 92.300 price hit, 94.550 canceled
2/02 April L-Cattle buy 115.200 price hit
2/02 April L-hogs buy 93.700 price hit
1/31 April F-Cattle buy 128.650 price hit
1/17,18 April L-Cattle buy 114.700 price hit
1/17,18 April L-Hogs buy 87.300 price hit

Soft's / Misc.

2/15 May Cotton buy 189.40
2/14 May OJ sell 163.60

2/11,14 May Cocoa buy 3431.0 price hit
2/07,08 Cotton buy 171.00 price hit, 176.00
2/07,09 May Coffee buy 255.40 price hit
2/02 May Coffee buy 252.25
1/31,2/01 May Cotton buy 165.33 price hit
1/31 May Cocoa buy 3342 price hit, 3390


Platinum buy 1851.9, 1869.0

2/11 April Gold buy 1369.0 price hit
2/11,14 May Copper buy 4.585 price hit, 4.640 price hit
2/02,04 May Silver sell 27.55, 26.40 canceled
2/02,04 April Gold sell 1323.3 canceled
1/26,27 April Gold sell 1323.2,price hit
1/26,28 May Silver sell 26.575 price hit
1/17,18,20 May Copper buy 4.44 price hit, 4.49 canceled
1/17,19 April Platinum buy 1833.0 price hit


2/15 April Nat. Gas sell 3.962 price hit, 3.928

1/25,26 April Nat. Gas buy 4.776 canceled, 4.823 canceled
1/24 March H/Oil buy 2.6774 price hit


2/15 June US $ buy 79.11, 79.29
2/15 June Euro sell 1.34110

2/02,04 March Yen buy 1.2303 price hit
1/31 March US $ sell 77.70 price hit
1/31,2/01 March Euro buy 1.37530 price hit
1/25,26 March US $ buy 77.94 price hit
1/25,26 March S/Franc buy 1.0612 price hit
1/25,26 March Euro buy 1.3682 price hit
1/20 March US $ sell 78.44 price hit
1/20,21,25 March B/Pound buy 1.6005 price hit, 1.6054 canceled

Financial's / Indexes

2/16 March S&P 500 buy 1326.30
2/16 June Mini Dow buy 12197.0

2/02,02 March S&P 500 buy 1306.00 price hit
1/24,25,27 March S&P 500 buy 1288.30 price hit, 1296.50 price hit

1/19 Simulated delta neutral position, These are based on the last trade. Data from FutureSource

Up Date 2/04 Short 1 June futures at 118-31/116-25 + $ 2,188.
Up Date 2/04 Long 2 June 119 Calls at 3-15/1-51 (- $ 2,875)
Profit / Loss (- $687)
Option cost $6,468

Market Pick and my trading course showing you were to enter are based on my trading methods and chart patterns strategically placed to enter trades with a high probability of being right the market

Since 1996 by request from many traders new and old hands at trading I was ask to post my calls at that time on AOL Commodity forum board. I did and it soon turned into my E mail service called Market Pick, posting my calls and offering in my trading course. I believe you will enjoy watching the markets after the market opens.

Simplicity is the most powerful approach to trading you can have. Send me a E mail for information on my trading course called "The Art Of Trading"

These market calls are posted for your observation and not for recommendations to trade. There is risk in trading futures.

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Happy trading.