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Re: Coin Processing Fee - NTR./Lee/Trades

I would think that any bank that you have an account at would exchange the coins. Would not bet on all the ones that you don't have an account at. I think I just take future coins to my bank. The grocery store is closer and it seemed like a good idea to cash in the coins and then just use the money to buy groceries. However, I did not know about the 9.8% processing fee. Figured it would be like 2-3%.

Spent some time in Ottawa end of 1991 and begining of 1992. I think I still may have a loonie around here some place. I don't think they had the toonie then as I use to have a number of $2 Canadian bills in my pocket.

Use to be a bank right around the corner from where I was staying. Since I was flying back and forth once a month every now and then I would have some large US bills. Took them to the teller and would convert them on the spot using the appropriate exchange rate in about 30 seconds no questions asked. At the time the US dollar was about 30% higher I believe. So it was nice to walk in with a $100 and and walk out with approximately $130. They had machines at the airport to convert into Canadian dollars also. The grocery stores and restaurants would also take payment in US dollars and convert the change for you.

When my work assignment was over I still had a pocket of Canadian bills in my pocket. Came back to Texas and took them to the bank for exchange. They had to get someone from the back room to come out then look up the exchange rate somewhere and finally convert to US dollars. Took a heck of a lot longer than 1 minute. Probably don't see to many Canadian bills and did not have the rate of exchange handy.

See link below. S&P is warning in the next few months it could further downgrade Portugal and Greece. Maybe that is helping give a boost to Gold/Silver.

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Re: Coin Processing Fee - NTR./Lee/Trades