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Re: AT&T at it again ! Lee/Harold/Doc

Hi Rabbit,
Thanks !!

Interesting how much you can "forget" over 20 years or so!!!

Here is a link to a good article, maybe you have seen it.


The last half may be more than "some care to know" but the article is accurate.

Last several paragraphs give the clue as to how you can wind up with another company providing you with "local service" rather than the LEC for your area that owns/maintains the lines and local switches.

I really wonder what percentage of folks just take the "Telephone System" for granted ??

As I have time, maybe I will write more on this if folks are interested.

I find it truly amazing that we can poke a few numbers on a "keypad" and in a second or so (keeps getting faster) be speaking to someone in Australia !!! There is DEFINITELY a lot going on to make that happen.

There is A LOT THAT GOES ON just processing a dialed number and making a connection to your neighbor next door and that is just the very tip of the iceberg !!!

What is Analog vs. Digital voice communication ??

What is VOIP and how does it work ??
- Why is it less expensive ??

Why do some calls seem "cheap" and others expensive for what you "think you are getting" ???

What is DSL ?? Why is speed a topic of discussion ??
- How does it compare/relate to transmission over your TV cable ??

And this doesn't even begin to touch on what is really going on to make all of this happen !!!

Enough for now.
Post comments/thoughts/questions ...
If there is interest, I will try to continue expanding on what we "ALL TAKE FOR GRANTED, AND THINK COSTS TOO MUCH" !!

Thanks, Lee

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Re: AT&T at it again ! Lee/Harold/Doc