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Re: We've Become a Nation of Takers, Not Makers

Man o man, Wayne, all I can say is you are preacin' to the choir here buddy,
I can build a small home in 2 months flat, start to finish all by myself (well, maybe with a grunt to hand me roof sheeting and hold things up and such...)
But the %$#@#% Libtard regulators and Gov. paper pushers have DROWNED kali in regulations and permit requirements that have gotten soooo out of control that I cannot even get myself to even visit the local county gov. offices anymore...I just get RED HOT when I stand in line for two hours to get the attitude and stack of permit demands from the fu#&ers...and it always got worse...you have to have EVERYTHING engineered now, no matter how simple...and among everything else...just a sample of the NEW regulations: they require tempered dual pane vinyl windows for ALL windows, EVEN IN A GARAGE! A Fu#&in GARAGE!!... A FIRE SUPRESSION SYSTEM FOR EVERY HOME NOW!! %#@$&%!
But the fees, which do nothing but go up about 25% every year, the waiting process of 6-10 weeks for a permit (AND THERE IS VERY LITTLE NEW CONSTRUCTION GOING ON RIGHT NOW!) I have no idea what they do in thier backrooms that takes so long to look at a permit, I swear to God it is just a power trip for them to make you wait as long as possible....and then hand you a new list of demands they conjur up...to wait another 2 weeks and get another list again...(this cycle can repeat MULTIPLE times)

Anyway...I could just go on...and on...and on...
But it just doesn't matter...I am convinced now it is going to take a MAJOR WAR or something to flush these liberal devils out....
Until then, my attitude is, this society does not deserve my production, my effort, until they actually ENCOURAGE me to be productive...
But this is Kali...production is viewed as evil, and discouraged...I'm not even joking...so they will be left to rot from within since they have forced it upon themselves...

Rant over....sorry...

PS. I am moving somewhere within a few months when I get my new Russian family over here, I'm lookin' for a free'er existence...anyone got any ideas where someone capable will be welcomed?? LOL! and TIA!

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Re: We've Become a Nation of Takers, Not Makers