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Re: Trump types/rabbit/Lee/Trades
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Hi Trades,

I can't really refute your comment on Trump, as I don't have all of the facts.

Having grown up in Atlantic City, I started paying attention to Trump and what was going on in the late '70's.

I do not think that what transpired with the 3 Trump Casinos and any financial difficulties where "out of the norm" of what all of the Casino industry was facing there over that period of time.

There is a lot that goes into financing and building those kinds of operations. Then, successfully operating them over that period of "volatile times in that industry" was another challenge in its own right.

Yes, I think you can fairly chase Donald Trump for having experienced difficulties (as did many/most others in that industry) but I think he managed to keep all on a "path to survival". As far as I know, all 3 Casinos are still operating, and employing many people. Not to mention, generating tax revenues for the City, State and US Treasury.

So, there may have been difficulties, but the problems were addressed and resolved within the "normal practices" to be expected in that kind of business environment.

Stepping outside of the Casino/gaming industry:

Donald Trump has successfully built many large high-rise buildings in Manhattan and Chicago - none of which have had financial difficulties to my knowledge.

Then there is a "Community involvement" that I do not see coming from many others.

In what I cite below, I am not stating that he "paid for the construction" but he used is knowledge and resources to "get the job done" when others apparently could not.

In Atlantic City:
Completely rebuilt the Atlantic City State Marina

Salvaged/rebuilt the landmark Steel Pier

In Manhattan:
Rebuilt the Wollman (sp) ice rink in Central park

Just took over the "Tavern on the Green" in Central park, which went bankrupt and was about to be demolished (a long time land mark).

Just recently, agreeing to re-build an "age old" Carousel for kids in Central Park that was about to go in the "dumpster". [No real facts on this one.]

So, I wouldn't sell him short. He can and does get things done.

And, lastly, I mention the TV show "The Apprentice".
I find it "amazing" that someone can step out of the "serious business world" of building huge sky scrapers and step into the "entertainment industry" as a "part time effort" and have such a long running huge success. And I don't care whether you like the show or not, the mentality of our current society certainly does !!!

What "Business acumen, management skills" do the likes of Sarah Palin and the others demonstrate. It is perfectly clear to me that Sarah Palin can remove a fish from a hook, but what skills does that impart to dealing with the "world" !!!

I hope folks listen to what Donald Trump has to say going forward (and study his past).

I am already hearing "negative comments" coming out of the liberal press and others that already seem to be "running scared" !! [Wasn't there a good tune by that name ???]

My thoughts,

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