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Coral your answer was short, but closer than most when you said politics.

Truth is, as I see it, traders do not change they only repeat what others have done some do it better than others, but it is the same.

I have been a student of the markets for many years, and I can say with some experience the market, especially dating back to the Nixon days forward has been influenced by the Admin in office.. Clinton with help of Greenspan would make suprise rate changes at a point and time the market could break through resistance.. knowing the market would get technical buying from both short covering and fund. As he admitted he had done it three times and was not going to do it again because that was not the function of the Fed Reserve.

As you noticed mid 2008 it was important to put the fear in everyone that the market (economy) was failing by creating a big drop.. it worked and made it easy to blame Bush for failed policies. Making the election of Obama a walk in the park. Anyone running for office could win when people saw their assets declining sharply. What a better method to gauge the economy than the direction of the stock market. Far from a good indicator, but people believe what they are told, follow the bell of the lead sheep.

So who has been holding the market together, and why.

How about folks like George Soros, and his many Companies plus all his followers. Including Union Pension funds. Objective is a world union. Tax the rich, and call $250,000 as rich.. LOL

I think they are becoming concerned that the Public is starting to understand.. problem is still not the majority. Currently we are seeing leadership from Paul Ryan, and he has NOT been rattled, or come down to their level. His mission is to get our country back, which is mainly paying off debts.

So the ones holding the market together have been using the technical buying to start peeling off their stock holdings. This is why I asked the question, I was wondering if anyone noticed that some of the markets stronger stocks were lossing to the index. They have a lot of stock to unload.

Now I say that everything I have said is pure fiction and no truth to support one word. Kind of listening to Obama tell you the other side is going to destory Medicare, and force Seniors to eat dog food.


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