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You find some interesting sources for information, Reading this one I question his knowledge, but can not because his comments look to be posted on another forum. I read his comments because I expected it to be factual because you said 'facts on silver'.. should have been "a post from another forum"..

The comments below are especially stranage, and I guess his point flew over my head. I see he is trying to make a point. The point is "Gurus" (define someone that pointed out what he didn't). I guess I would be a Gurus because I maintain a 4.35 average, and it disturbes him that people, like me, have not sold. Now if you find people like him worthy of posting on this forum that is your choice, but I would question his comments as factual. He may feel better to know I sold my gold, purchased at $250... point I would make in reference to his comments, people make their own decisions, and not to be judged by folks like him that obviously missed the boat.

"If you were smart enough to buy 100 ounces of silver at $4 an ounce, a 5000-year low in real terms, how much profit have you made if silver goes to $50 or $100 or $300 and you never, never, ever sell? The answer, of course, and ignored by all the silver "GURUS" is that if you buy low and don't sell ever, you don't won't make any profit. That may be the dumbest investment advice I have ever heard.

Silver is a commodity like any other. If you are smart enough to buy it cheap and you are smart enough to sell it when it gets expensive, you will profit. If you want to buy at all time highs, good luck with that."

I stopped by this forum 10 years ago to help folks wanting to understand trading. NOT when and what to buy.. because every trader should use their own judgement as to the when of buying or selling.. otherwise they should not trade.

Best of Luck

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