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Re: 'Facts on Silver'/HAL
In Response To: Re: 'Facts on Silver'/Ronbo ()

Part of the problem is: " bullish consensus hit a record 96%" I feel into this trap for years until I saw how the data was collected, and then it became meanless. Given 96% are bullish, and the open interest represents one long for one short.. that 4% must have deep pockets. LOL

My point was when I read "facts' in the title I think facts not someone's personal opinion. I am a little narrow when defining facts vs just another opinion. I found his comments weak of facts, but strong on opinion. To discuss his opinio is bn we would need to be able to have a discussion.

As for China or Russia dumping a big supply on the market to drive prices lower I don't see the advantage, especially given the size of their inventory. When trading positions long term short term worrying about the ghost in the closet can drive you nuts.

My silver positon if driven lower, which can happen any day anytime will be offset with my other holdings. Positioning, for me, is balance.

I have visited with some pretty large players in silver, such as oil Companies and their reasoning behind inventories are multi thinking.

Example looking at interest rates we can guess they have been held down artificially, and at a point they could explode, or not. So locking in borrowed funds at a low rate would be wise. Silver is no different,, not saying they are buying at this level, but considering they and many other commericals have inventories, why sell? They think in terms of savings rather profits of a price move. So say, for example, they are holding 50% of their needs and someone "a chost from the closet" drops a big inventory forcing prices lower. The commerical benefits from the decline in savings. Some, not all, "rent" their needs.

Whats' my point?

Don't ask me I am confused so I am going to go find myself if I get back before I return please tell me to wait.

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