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Re: Trades/Wayne

Oh yes I am aware of that. Actually with a minority government in a Parliament style of government there is much more balance to government as even though the party with the most members is the 'official' governing party they cant be extreme in any legislation as the other parties can swamp them and a new election would then be called. So everyone is walking around on eggshells type of thing and being 'moderate' in their policies. Historically minority governments in Canada and elsewhere have accomplished a lot of acceptable policies than just a majority right wing party or majority left wing party. And as much as I hate to admit it those lefties do have a few good ideas just to balance things out. Now with an elected majority government the Conservatives can ram through a lot of legislation that many people will not be happy about. In Canada the Prime Minister has more power within government than the U.S. President could ever dream of having in the U.S. as he doesn't need a House of Representatives to approve his policies as there isn't one in a Parliament other than his party that has the majority votes in the 1st place. And the Senate here is an unelected bunch of political hacks that is simply a rubber stamp that has little power to do anything. So the Prime Minister in a Parliament system has absolute power unlike a U.S. President that has to get approval from so many people. It is the same way in each Province as well. The Premier has absolute power and can turn things on a dime one way or the other unless his elected party members switch parties which doesn't happen often and is often political suicide for them when they do. I don't know how the U.S. ever gets anything done with so many political hoops to jump through to change things.

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