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Re: Weather May 16th-23rd/ceejay/Wayne

Sure we had $147. & likely you remember me suggesting a top after 10 years of being a bull. Someone asked for an objective and I gave 25/30 as a guess. It went to about $30. Then in Mar I suggested buying.. followed with offset and very nice gains. Also I recommended that those that wanted to play the market that the market had a new set of rules because of the current adminstration. As for you I am sure you had many questions for anyone, but the ones that gave you the answer.

As for Wall Street funny business you listen to to much hype from the left. Wall Street has been a rigged deal for many, many years.. nothing new took place or was takening place. Only thing was a new adminstration feeding spin to the media and the media printing it.. guys like you eat it up as facts.

As example. During the Clinton adminstration Greenspan played with the market several times (to give the market a boost when needed), and then he admitted it was NEVER the job of the Federal Reserve, and that he was not going to do it any more. I call that funny business. But it was not new news then either.

Lee there is nothing new for those that follow the markets and have for many years with more than a chart under their arm. You, Lee, will always remain suprised if you depend on media spin as your source, and consider others as stone death as you.

I am still pissed about your comment about my service to our Country, but I trying to set it aside because of the source.. YOU, I am so glad I never had to count on you.

I hope my answer offers you clarity

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Re: Weather May 16th-23rd/ceejay/Wayne