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Re: Weather May 16th-23rd / Senior Golfer


We should never be suprised what we read on the Internet forums. You and I both seen it ebb and flow.. mostly people frustrated and feel they are just out of the loop, which sometimes we all are.. some more than others.

The stock market has held up so many years people can not see the cracks in the foundation. Information with held or just not reported will only make things worst going forward.

We are, and have become a Country of Laws and Regulations that supress us from doing the smallest things. I noticed, as I watched a cartoon on TV with my Grandson. The little space ship (weird it talked) had the hiccups. To help the space get rid of the hiccups the children thought of ways to "suprise" the space ship. They couldn't say "scare" so the replaced the word scare with suprise.

I was buying some beer while my wife and I were shopping, but I couldn't buy it because it was 11:45, and on Sunday you can't buy beer in our area before 12:00.

This Country has endured many years on those that came before us and blazed a trail. What they did does not make us the trailblazers. It has been ours to screw up, and that defines us more.

What Lee said about my service for our Country was insulting, but he just doesn't seem to know better.. it was probaly how he was raised. I could have traded insults.. like.. hey Lee do you know your Mother snores, but that would have been considered a flame.. however his insult only pretained to something close to me, it is consider OK.

Like the guy that threw an ebow in a player's ribs during the Laker, Maverick game.. he just took off his shirt and walked off the floor thinking what he did was no big deal.


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Re: Weather May 16th-23rd / Senior Golfer