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The Application of Tungsten Alloy Radiation Shield *LINK* *PIC*

As the continuously developing medical technology, the medical radiations generated in medical process have become more and more, which causes problems to medical work. These radiations including X-rays, gamma rays, α rays, β rays, etc.

In order to protect the safety of patients and health care workers, researchers found that there is relationship between radio protective capability and material density. The greater the density, the better the shielding performance. Since the density of tungsten heavy alloy is very high, the shielding performance is excellent.

Heavy alloy (tungsten alloy) material is a class of alloy including tungsten as a substrate (W content of 85-99%), and adding a Ni, Cu, Co, Mo, Cr and other elements. According to the composition characteristics and application, it is divided into W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu, W-Co, W-WC-Cu, W-Ag and other major series, and the density is up to 16 .5-19.0g/cm3, which is world known as heavy alloy. Tungsten heavy alloy has strong capability in absorbing radiations, which is 30~40% higher than lead.

Application series of tungsten alloy radiation shielding materials in medical:
1 .Tungsten alloy (tungsten heavy alloy) Multi-leaf Collimator(MLC)
Thickness: 2.0-3.8mm; plate flatness: 0.05mm;
2 .Tungsten alloy collimator;
3. Tungsten alloy (tungsten heavy alloy) protection cans - used for medical radiation shielding;
4. Tungsten alloy needle shielding - shielding for medical radioactive liquid;
5. Tungsten alloy memory –cans, boxes or other containers for storing radioactive material.
6. Collimators - for medical linear accelerator and cyclotron;
7. Tungsten alloy containers - for ray shielding on 60Co therapy machine;
8. γ camera tungsten alloy collimator.

Application series of tungsten heavy alloy in nuclear technology:
1. Tungsten alloy collimator for detecting container system;
2. 60Co and tungsten alloy containers of other radiation shielding;
3. Tungsten alloy shielding for γ-ray collimator in geological survey;
4. Tungsten alloy collimator for pipeline inspection ray shielding;
5. Tungsten alloy collimator for industrial inspection of γ-ray shielding

The application of tungsten alloy shielding parts:

• Radioactive source containers
• Gamma radiation shielding
• Shielding Block
• X-ray collimator
• tungsten alloy PET shielding pieces
• Shielding in cancer therapy equipments