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Re: Test post Spike image/Spike/Wayne *PIC*

Hi Wayne,
Thanks to both you and Spike for the help/patience !!

I completely shut down and rebooted, so here is another try

Sounds like you could see the saddle image posted both ways ..
1) Using the Optional Link URL you have to click on the displayed "Link Title(words)" below the posted text and you get the image in a "new tab" separate from the post. Same possible "future" problem will exist as described in (4) below.

2) Using the Optional Image URL, I believe you get the image "inline" below the posted text but the image came from another site on the Inet and does "not open in a new tab". (This is what I could not view, but it seems that you could when I posted this way.)

3) Optional Image Filename, is where you have the Image on your computer, browse to it, it is "uploaded to TFC server" and becomes an "inline part of your post". Should produce "identical looking result" as item above except that the TFC software has to go out and grab the image over the Inet for that (2), and using Browse and uploading the image to TFC, it is there, takes disk space on TFC server, AND is likely faster to display. Also the image becomes part of the TFC archive and will always be there if someone does a search later.

(4) If the "owner" if the image displayed in (2) above, changes and/or deletes the image you will get what you get if you go back later (say from a search of old posts). The image/chart may have changed, or you get an Error 404 file not found message if it was deleted.

I wrote this out since it may not be obvious to all, just why the different options exist and what some "pitfalls" are.

Now I will try again, using the "Optional Image URL" after my shut down/re-boot and see what happens.

Should have done this first but I got into responding to your comment and got carried away !!!!
Thanks, Lee
This is NOT GOING TO FLY for me, I'm still getting that blank blue bar over the "post" button !!!

Wayne, I'll pester you once more. If you can see this saddle image, just tell me. I'm at a loss for the moment if I cannot see it.

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