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Debt Resolution ??

Hi All,
I'm coming to the conclusion that there is a "chance" that this issue may not be resolved by midnight Tuesday.

Seems that Obama is the "long pole in the tent" insisting that serious issues be pushed out past the next election.

This way, he has enough time to "import" another million or so immigrants that cannot speak the language and still have time to get them registered to vote !!!

I'm starting to think that a "default" may not be "all that bad" and "only short term transient" !!!

Enough time to really fix the problems ....

The multi billion dollar jet engine contract that Bill Gates and the Defense department have been trying to cancel for a long time will finally get cancelled over the objections of the Politicians that kept forcing it down his throat !!!

Maybe we can get rid of "Earmarks", maybe even get a "line item veto" !!!

Properly fix Social Security/Medicare - as I understand it the proposed changes are many years out and we are without argument, living longer and are perfectly capable of working a few years (couple as I understand) longer.

Print our "Voting Ballots in English only" -- that has got to save a bunch of money !!!

The USD will decline. So that just means that we can't afford to import all of that crap and we have to re-learn to make it ourselves !! Which puts all of those people to work that I'm going to FIRE below !!!

Shut down/eliminate all of those "useless government agencies" [I leave it to Wayne and Limitup to expand on this. !!]
- All of the laid off employees can go to work "Making the products we import from China !!]

We just shut down the Space Shuttle Program, that I worked on from it's inception, but the Politicians screwed it all up with their meddling. About 4000 people will lose their jobs in Florida, 2000 already and another 2000 soon to come.
- Not a wimper on that from the Obama Administration on the impact on the unemployment figures.
- Yes, the Shuttle program became TOO EXPENSIVE to operate cost effectively for what it was currently producing. But it would take an "ABSOLUTE IGNORAMUS" to claim that getting that "Hubble Telescope" up there and working properly was not worth a substantial chunk of the money spent.

So, Obama and Co. - Better be "Nice to the Russians" as they are our "Ride into Space" for the forseeable future.

I quit here, I'll have more to add later !!!!

Right now I want to work on my "Trading Plan" for tomorrow evening, Monday and Tuesday !!!!
- I think I might Buy the SnP and Sell the Dow, or vice versa early on (hoping they will balance out a bit) and then dump the one that is on the "wrong side" as soon as the "crap hits the fan" and it becomes visible. !!!!

Would really like to hear some comments !!!!