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Re: Debt Resolution ??/Insider


Soros, the man who broke the bank of England. Wonder what the Brits think of him. He is considered Dracula in Thailand and Malaysia sucking the blood out of people. Wonder how the jews feel about him when he talks about his youth as young Hungarian Jew and his interaction with the Nazi's. Wonder what the Russians think of him during the great social robbery of Russia that he had his fingers in. One of the articles mentioned that he walked away with a major mining company in Russia during that time frame when foreigners were not allowed to bid. How did that happen. He has been found guilty of insider trading and was given a slap on the hand for it. He had plenty of stock in that Brazilian
oil company that Obamma ok'ed two billion dollars in loans to and said the US would be their best customer. Then when it became public of his position he sold. I belive I saw that he has since brought back in. Just recently he said his hedge fund would just manage family money and is giving back money to non family. That way he can get around some of the new regulations that the SEC put in place on reporting requirements, for which he thought was a good idea originally. Of course they had a loophole that if it was only a family fund then it did not pertain. It has even been reported that he has said he has felt God like.

One can google this guy and see what he is about. Lots and Lots of articles on him. The 60 minutes interview gave a glimpse of this social engineer. He was also host of the Brenton Woods meeting they just had a few months ago. The New World Order, and Globalists are figuring out how the worlds financial system will work going forward. Looks like it may have his finger prints all over it.

I believe you are right. Not so long ago he was saying he thought it would be good for the world, if the US took on even more debt. That is something he wants. Also I belive he was short the dollar.

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Re: Debt Resolution ??/Insider