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Re: Dec Crude/Continues to selloff/Silverbear

I agree with your post on all fronts. I missed SCO double bear Crude ETF but caught the ETF:DUG as it is Oil and Gas and with NG holding up price did come back to 32 support to catch. But of course I didn't hold it long. And yes I've been thinking exactly the same thing for some time now about just getting on the damn train and waking up when it comes to a MAJOR stop instead of jumping off at each station. I keep thinking I might as well trade the Emini again if that's what I'm going to do. At least it trends well. So I'm thinking of that type of trade. Should have a major low in many markets soon so will be on the look out to put some serious money on something. Then I just park my money on it like I park my U.S.$ now. At least DX is finally looking good. See CD crash and burn finally as I've been waiting for. About time for that to occur. CD never stays above par for long. If I wasn't already in U.S.$ I'd have switched everything near that perfect double top at 1.06. Talk about the perfect trade there!
As far as that other site goes everyone asks for an opinion and then does the opposite. So why ask in the 1st place is my question. I know a guy I worked with for years and he owned a Gold stock in that last 20 yr bear market. He asked what to do with this dog of a stock and I told him when it rallied back to resistance to dump it. It rallied back 3 times and each time he not only didn't sell it he bought more of it each time at resistance as he was convinced it was on the come back. No point in talking to those types as they will always gravitate to the obvious. And as we know 'when it's obvious it's obviously wrong'. So yes they all all crying in their beer and losing their money and asking what else to buy when I've been extremely bearish since the Feb high and talking about stop losses being in place if nothing else and avoiding the market. Sell in May and go away works but who wants to hear that. BUY BUY BUY is exciting and titillating and thrilling but are expensive. No point in participating in the conversation really. I was thinking of posting that it would be cheaper to take drugs and likely be more enjoyable. No one commented on your bear post either as they don't wish to hear and see such things. If there was some good technical data other than that foolish b.s. so called T/A talk the talk posts it might be worth reading. Talk about nonsense. But it makes for good copy to novices I guess.