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stark contrast in character *LINK*

If you have an example of my cycle work proving unfruitful, please display it. My work is here for all to see. Unlike you, I do not delete my posts. I am completely unlike you. I do not try to hide what I say, or delete something gone wrong. According to you, there should be ample proof of my failure. Your refusal to cite a specific example where my projection has gone awry speaks quite loudly to your credibility. These claims of yours do not intimidate me. Because I have the recorded facts on my side, I will not shy away from your propaganda.

I have guts enough to put my work on the line, knowing there are people like you out here, who are waiting at any moment to tell the world of someone else's failure. Knowing the garbage that would surely be thrown my way if the prediction failed, I went ahead with the public forecast anyway. It is simply because I have that strong of a conviction about the advantage of cycle knowledge. Hopefully it has illustrated the lack of fear I have for you or anyone else who is set on perverting the truth of my results. The problem is, that you don't care if the work was a failure or a success. You only seem to care if the work fits neatly into what YOU define as an acceptable method. The fact that someone has identified a price that has not been broken for 5 months, does not even register with you. You are a closed mind. Even when presented with examples of market projection which you say is impossible to do. This is exactly what you did when I predicted weeks in advance on this website the MAJOR low of September 8, 2009. That prediction was given weeks in advance of a low that was to be made in a 4 day window of September 8th-11th. It further stated that the low made at the time would not be broken for "MONTHS AND MONTHS". That is the low that led to this historic rally that is now completed.

I believe it has become clear to most here that you are not interested in the recorded facts. For most assuredly, the facts again in this most recent case are perfectly obvious to the objective observer. Time and time again, I have proven my cycle work here, with a public forecast that gave a definitive position on what the market would do. For all newcomers, please consider the facts. Nearby soybeans ran right up to the Feb 10 top of $14.55 and halted. Imagine the glee old Coral must have been feeling as nearby corn and beans rallied in late August threatening to make new highs on the nearby chart. Those grain markets held just as predicted. Check out the soybean chart. On August 31st beans topped exactly at the $14.56 identified price. They have since collapsed! In this punishing environment of a few slandering critics, it takes a certain fortitude to put such bold predictions out to the public.

I have no intention of letting my work be slandered by someone who admits they don't even read it.

So please, as I've asked you over and over again for 2 years, give specific example if you intend to diminish my work.