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Re: April Crude & Gasoline Cont to Rally/Lee/CJ

Well what I'm presently looking to do is to buy a 5 year old vehicle which has depreciated roughly 50% of its original price. And one with low mileage and in good repair with maintenance done. Many of these vehicles are former leased ones that are sold to auto dealers etc and have been well maintained. I've found with people that have had leases that at the 4 to 5 year mark there tends to be more maintenance needed then such as new tires etc and most of the time if you watch for them you will see these advertised with all these repairs and maintenance freshly done for you. At the same time I'm not interested in buying some piss pot just to save gas. I do want my cake and eat it too. So a 'comparable' vehicle to my Jeep Grand Cherokee is also a must as I don't want to be driving a small fuel efficient vehicle and being pissed off with its handling even more than being pissed off at gas prices with the Jeep. The answer for me is for example a 5 year old Ford Escape with a V-6 auto and 4X4 as well with all the other whips and jingles my Jeep has. Plus newer technology as well. I've done my research on them with people in the business and I would get close to 50% better gas mileage with them and have much of what I have today in my Jeep. The older Grand Cherokees have an in line 6 and while powerful enough are gas guzzlers to extreme. The newer Grand Cherokees with the V-6 get about 20% to 25% less mileage than compilable SUVs also with V-6 engines. And another factor with my Jeep is it is getting old and reaching that point where putting money into it is not viable with present value.So that's the plan. Meanwhile to balance it all out while looking is to drive less foolishly and plan my driving needs better. Amazing how often one drives to the store etc everyday needlessly without enough forethought or planning. Just by doing that along it's costing me about 1/2 of what I was spending previously running around needlessly. Just like all trading there is always lots of ways to skin the cat....................And everything we do is a trade of some kind.