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Re: Corzine Ordered Funds Moved to JPMorgan/Wayne


I do believe that president Nixon said "Your president is not a crook" as he was leaving office. But then again I think I was sleeping thru history class in the 10th grade because my final grade in the class showed I must of been asleep. I do the remember the history teacher yelling at us that we were living history and could have a president impeached and it was historic. Nixon resigned instead of facing an impeachement. Clinton went the other way and said go ahead and impeach me, so what. Now its Corzine's turn to say he is not a crook.

By the way I read a book (Silent Coup The Removal of a President) many years ago. It is pretty good for anyone interested in Watergate. I believe it called the 5 that did the breakin the "plummers". However, if I remember right the book was trying to say Dean was the bad guy or even Deep Throat, but as it truns out he was not. Deep throat died about 2 years ago.

Anyone remember that song that came out at the time that sung about Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Mitchell, and Dean. It was a novelty song on corruption at the time about them. It disappeared quickly and it was thought at the time Nixon said make that song go away and it did. From the book mentioned above.

Haldeman- Nixon's chief of staff during his first term.

Ehrlichman - Nixon's domestic advisor and one of his top aids.

Mitchell - Attorney General and one of Nixon's close friends.

Dean - White house counsel.
By the way the book says he ordered the breakin hoping to get dirt from a call girl ring that used a phone at the Democratic Headquarters.

Gotta love it when they drag in the call girls.

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Re: Corzine Ordered Funds Moved to JPMorgan/Wayne
Re: Corzine Ordered Funds Moved to JPMorgan/Wayne