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DC You lurking about? You'll like this one... *LINK*

So...I cut up the fallen trees. In an effort to avoid having to pick it all up and then spend days burning it, I put a sign up at the end of the driveway...Free Wood.

I had loaded my trailer up with a bunch thinking maybe someone would stop by and be enticed into taking it. Kinda figured someone might ask if I would haul it to their house since I already had it loaded...which I was prepared to do within a reasonable distance.

Sure enough dude stops by. Says he'll pay me 20 bucks to take it 5 miles down the road to his place and said you won't even have to unload it, I'll do all the work. So I hauled it and he unloaded it. Guy was moving that wood like a woodchuck. High speed, low drag. Me, not being one to be able to stand by and watch other people work and not pitch in, helped but he smoked my old fat ass in amount of wood moved.

I asked him what kind of work are you into. Musician, he said. I let it go at that cause my musical abilities are limited to pushing the button on the radio that changes the station if I don't like the song that's playing. Talked a while longer and he said he would like to come get the rest of the wood and he would just load it up in the back of his smallish SUV. He said he had to go out of town for the weekend but would get to it come Tuesday. Cool.

Yesterday, sure enough, there he is in the front yard pitching wood. I went down there and said...look, if you want it that bad let me hook up the trailer and we'll get it to your place in one trip and you will not have to mess up your vehicle. Ok. So we're loading the wood up and I ask him what kind of music he's into. All kinds, he says.

Finally, I get the full blown on him. The reason he had to go out of town was because he had an appearance on Fox&Friends Weekend with Michael Waltrip doing a spot about a Nascar movie..."In the Blink of an Eye".

Click link...this is who showed up at my house to get the wood. I ain't one to be all tow up with celebrity but I find it interesting that...bam...it just aint every day this happens. LOL