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what to eat...not what the godvernment sez *LINK*

I've never paid attention to the godvernments dictates on what to eat. Eat margarine instead of butter. Don't eat animal fats use their vegetable oil instead. That one alone is worthy of starting a war over because when McDonalds went to vegetable oil instead of lard to fry their fries...man...their fries used to be to die for, now blah. The godvernment made everyone forsake the use of, what was it I can't remember...it was something in the last 5-10 years...transfats? I don't think that's right...but whatever it was they made them take it out of things like bread and crackers...now you can't buy a cracker that holds together if you want to use it as a dipper and the bread is less soft and gets stale quicker.

I eat real food. If I want butter, I used real butter. G. Gordon Liddy used to say that if you laid out a bunch of margarine and some real butter the animals in the wild would not eat the margarine. That's true, tried it once. He also said it's one molecule from plastic. I believe that, too but don't know for sure. The stuff is nasty.

I used full blown salad dressing. No low fat crap for me.

I eat animal and plant fat. They recently let out a study that says humans need some fats in their diet. I love nuts of all sorts, peanuts, cashews, almonds, pecans...eat a slew of those. Grapes and nuts for a snack. Good stuff.

I just don't eat much of it.

As I told my doctor...the amount of food I eat would make a grown man cry. If I want to lose some weight my meals would fit in one hand. If I just want to maintain my weight, my meals would fit in both hands. The normal person's amount of food, I eat half of that. I told the doctor, if y'all try to tell me there is no such thing as a fat gene, I'll declare you mental. He actually said, they've found over 200 mutations to the DNA that contribute to obesity...I said, I have them all. I also told him the fat gene is nature's insurance policy against famine. I think that's true.

The Woman easily eats three times what I eat and she's a rail. I look at the pile of food she eats and I gain weight.

There is an obesity problem, however...when I was a kid, I was likely the only overweight person out of 100. I know what discrimination is. Luckily, I got a lot of muscle along with the extra fat to take care of that problem. Lot of skinny boys in my past that are sorry they ever mistook fatness for weakness. Now a day's there's fat people everywhere.

This article blames the godvernments food recommendation over the last forty years for that. That, too, is something I believe, although a lot of the fat kids problems are because of lack of activity today.

Moral of the story is two fold...everything in moderation and never believe a damned thing the godvernment has to say because the godvernment's dictates are just some idiots agenda.

That was a long way around the barn but I was feeling wordy this morning...deal with it. 🤣