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What if Trump...

They accuse Trump of playing 3rd through 27th dimension chess as he maneuvers his way around the political battlefield. I don't know about all that but he does seem to snooker the dems pretty regularly.

Lets throw in this...the number one axiom of lawyering is...never ask a question you don't know the answer to.

So off on yet another wild goose chase of pure hatred the dems go with this Ukrainian telephone call and the whistleblower complaint. Nobody has seen the transcript from the call. Hell, the whistleblower never heard the call...it's hearsay evidence at best and that means squat in law.

So..the dums have said...show us the transcript of the phone call...impeach...impeach...impeach.

Never ask a question you do not know the answer to.

Trump agreed to release the transcript of the phone call just a little to easily this time. What if...while the idiots in the press are, as usual, playing along with the dums narrative of trump is going down...Trump releases the transcript and what you get is the president of Ukraine unleashing a barrage of complaints about the corruption of the Bidens, Obama's, and most of the demoncrap party.

Just..what if...to be thinking outside the box instead of being like the idiot media and assuming it's something bad against trump. Just what if.

How many times have the dums done this 23 times...and the stupid media just goes into hysterics every fricken time.

They say doing something over and over again and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity. Well, not realizing your a Pavlovian dog drooling all over yourself when the insane does the same thing over and over again has to say something about you, too.

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