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pushin a month...

Looked up my last missive in here...wow...pushin a month! That's crazy...I was thinking it was more like a couple of weeks. Time flies.

The people across the street are still excavating like a herd of ants. They got to where they were working within about a hundred yards from us. They've blasted their way through 20+ acres of rock hillside...removed about 30 feet off the top. Moved that over here and filled in about 30 feet of fill...that's what they were working on, 100 yards away. They tried to work past dusk but The Woman wasn't having any of that. 12-13 hours of backup beeper was enough. The woman get my flashlight, 1000 lumens and strobes them in the face then blasts them with solid beam after about 10 minutes they got the message and parked everything and left.

It worked for a while but one night this one guy started flashing his six or eight lights on his machine back at her. Light fights, I call it. Them flashing the woman wouldn't going to work so I bought a 1750 lumen concentrated beam flashlight. I told The Woman not to torch em right in the eye's with this one. She strobed em...they flashed her again...I jumped up...grabbed the flashlight...put it on high asssed beam...which is quite something to see...and beamed it right in their face and just held it there. That was the end of their working past dusk. Plus...I called the law on em...but the light fights were pretty fun.

The guys working on this side of the road...a different bunch...are much better. I talk to them frequently. I biithced about the ones across the street with their infernal back up beepers. Mexican driver of one of the track hoes said...there's a switch to turn the beepers off. I must have impressed upon theses guys how annoying the back up beepers were...the guys on this farm turned theirs off for us. Much better!

Because I talked with them so much I wound up with the main operators cell number.

The other day, they set the old chicken barns behind us ablaze. They had already pushed them down and into a pile. This was when that tropical depression made its way all the way to Canada. When it went by it caused an anomaly in wind direction...the wind started blowing from east to west...strange. In doing so it blew the acrid smoke right onto and into the house. There was no escape...So I called the guy and asked him if he could move the burn pile down a little. Be right there.

He drives the BIG bulldozer. He lined that big dog up and hit that pile of smoldering stink...when he did it exploded into a huge fire and smoke ball. The fire/smoke ball engulfed that bulldozer to the point it disappeared. All you could see was the fire/smoke ball moving forward. He decided to take another bite and threw the beast in reverse and came out of the inferno in high reverse gear...smoke and fire following him back out...at first it just looked like a bellowing biitching ball of hell moving backwards...then it tailed off into a trail off the front of the dozer the further back he went until you could see the bulldozer again. It was one awesome, AWESOME!, sight to see.

Then he hit it again...after the first time...oxygen having been introduced in the first hit...the ball of hell went off even bigger...wooof into the inferno he disappeared...reverse...inferno follows him out until he reappears. Had to be in the top five most awesome things I've ever seen.

If I'd have known it was going to be that much of an unmitigated sight of coolness and awesomeness...I'da joined the local riot and looting gangs and stole me a video recorder from the local Best Buy. 🤣