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I remain unvaxed...

I remain unvaxed. I went to the doctors the other day. One of many I have. They love me. I take care of myself and I don't represent a problem to them. I go in...they look at my numbers...blood sugars...and they see that the numbers are within their tolerances and to the very nearly normal levels with the aid of their elixirs.

The nurse from the other day had the sniffles. I asked her if it was allergies when really I was asking her if she was sure she didn't have the creeping crud. She assured me that it wasn't the Chinese crud and we got into a discussion of being vaxed. I proudly proclaimed I was unvaxed and risking it all on Ivermectin. You mean the herbicide? Herbicide? Yea, don't they use that to poison grass or something. Yea...or something...did you know ivermectin got the nobel peace prize for efficacious medications or some such similar award for great medicines? NO...I didn't know that. Yea...look it up. Did you know a state in India with a population of 279 million people decided to use ivermectin to control covid and just recently they posted that they had zero cases of it? No. Did you know they been using ivermectin for 50 years or more to control common African diseases? No.

I bet you only watch CNN or MSNBC? How did you know? Because you are paroting their lies about ivermectin. Don't trust your news to one or two sources. They're lying to you. I don't trust ANY of them, they're all liars controlled by the godvernment.

She promised she would investigate ivermectin. She won't.

The unvaxed have become the evil ones these days. We are the equivalent of the Jews during WWII.

They're rounding up and putting the unvaxed in concentration camps in Australia, now.

They have plans to do that here, as well.

Better make up your mind as to what you will do about it.