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Mass looting...

Apparently, so long as you steal 950 bucks or less worth of stuff...you can go take whatever you want to take as is evidenced by all the mass looting/thievery videos we are treated to on nearly a daily basis of late.

I'm betting that the unwritten part of that law states the lax thievery laws only applies to people with black skin.

I'm betting if there was a hoard of honkies go into a store and loot, pillage, and plunder...they'd be met with a hail of popo projectiles upon exiting the store...whereupon...a hoard of dark skinned animals would descend and not only take the ill-gotten store loot from the cold dead hands of the recently departed by hail of popo projectiles Honkies but the aforementioned dead honkies would be stripped naked of all valuables they might have been adorned with prior to entering the store.

Stripped naked of all possessions and left bleeding, dead or dying of popo projectile penitrants, in the middle of the road or parking lot.

If they didn't meet with an ending of their lives by popo projectile consumption they surely would be made an example of by left wing, Soros funded, prosecutors.

I've migrated, first one way and then the other, on my beliefs on the death penalty. One argument against is overzealous prosecutors more interested in politics than justice trying to make a name for themselves by incarcerating and putting to death "the Perp" of heinous crimes. One has to wonder how many innocent souls have been put to death by the state.

One argument for the death penalty is...if you send the guilty of the most egregious crimes to meet their makers...you surely would not have to worry about the recidivism rate of said evil doers. You wouldn't have to worry about the dastardly doers escaping prison and repeating their evil acts on other innocent peeps.

There's any number of circumstances one could conceive of that might find the soulless to become un-incarcerated but never in my wildest conjuring did I ever expect one of the ways they would get out to mow down people at a christmas parade to be release by government officials just for the sake of letting them out.

A sign purportedly over the entrance to the pythagorean(or one of those guys, from Proverbs) school of mathematics read...with all thy getting, get the understanding.

With all thy getting...get the Mother F'er who let the criminal out to harm again.

Know whut I mean?

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