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Re: Pot makes some people go insane....

When I was young I used the argument that I've never seen weed harm anyone to justify my belief that the stuff should be legal. As I aged, I noticed a large percentage of the people I knew as smokers, quit. When I asked them why they quit. Almost all responded with some adverse health issue as being the culprit. Not so much a health issue of great magnitude like cancer or anything like that but physiological or some sort of "heart attack" feeling that made them swear off the stuff. Whenever I hear someone say, I used to but not anymore but it doesn't hurt you...I have to ask, then why did you stop using?

The other thing about the stuff. I've known some really smart people who used to smoke. It didn't seem to effect their brain power. To the contrary, it seems to focus the brain like a laser beam when you're studying. What it does adversely though, is diminishes your drive. Some of these smart peeps grew up to impressive adults...but one has to wonder...had they not been smokers...how much further would they have gone had their drive not been diminished by the weed.

All that being said...hey, it's your business. It's your life. If you want to burn it up in smoke, go for it. Like booze though, don't drive and don't show up to work in a state of stonage.

That goes for the opioid addiction problem we are having. Your choice to do that chit. You die, you die.

If you dump a ton of coke on my front yard...all it would represent to me is a mess that needs to me cleaned up...same with any other drug. I contend that no matter what you do, those who will do it...will do it.